Socialize your blog : Jetpack for selfhosted !

  1. You have a WordPress blog
  2. You want to share on every social networks your new posts

After tried lots of different plugins, I was boring of the result. I needed to use one plugin for twitter, one for facebook, one for g+ with some proper conf for each one. Not simple. Not clever. And follow updates can be so painfull.

Bryan from droid-appli give me the perfect way : “Publicise” in the Jetpack plugin

Soooo simple ! Soooo proper !


  1. Dashboard > Plugins > Add new
  2. Search for Jetpack
  3. Seek for Jetpack by and install it


  1. Dashboard > Jetpack > Publicize > Configure
  2. It’s really simple just add in the Publicize section every social network. And you can add multiple account / pages for each networks !

Use it

  1. Make a new post
  2. You’ll see your publicize entry just hover the publish button. And it’s really easy to edit the message send.

The result

For this post :


Making Android Games

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