Nervous Pingoos – 3D Space Race

The 2D engine I used to use was more and more deprecated and it was quite impossible to build my game for something else than Android. I looked to various engine. Stay 2D ? Try 3D ? keep both possibility ? … This bring me to Unity !

I started to learn blender and make my first model : a futuristic penguin (Yeah, strange I know !). Then I learn Unity and after more or less 5 month, Nervous Pingoos was out !


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One of the fastest 3D racing game of the Play Store – For high skilled drivers only !

“The slow speed actually felt too fast for me!” – “More tracks please” – “YEEES I just earn a bronze medal !”

All is about timing in this extreme 3D racing game !

Nervous Pingoos are precise space racing bots that love extreme speed.
Take the control of theses racers and make the best time ever. This is your goal.
No bonus, No enemy, Time attack, that’s all. Beat your friends, beat the world !
Caution : At extreme speed the awesome engine of bots can make the pingoo fly. Keep the control ! And brake sometimes 😉

A very simple and fun gameplay

→ Do NOT hit a wall
→ Do NOT take f***ing a cactus
→ Improve every moves to keep precious milliseconds
→ Get all checkpoint and make the perfect race track

Key features :

☆ 3 tracks with different driving challenge to masterize
☆ 3 Engine speeds – 150CC is really fast and nervous !!!
☆ Stunning 3D graphics in immersive mode
☆ A global leaderboard : compare your score to other drivers
☆ A sort of space Podracer game with extremely fast pingoos ! Cool no ?


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