Memory Temple

This is the first game that I published on the Play Store. Yepee \o/

To be honest that was my second project. I started working on Memory Temple when I was at 75% of War Of Wizards’ development. This project was made for two different objectives :

  • Have a break to prevent me from burnout on War Of Wizards 🙂
  • To make my first Just4Fun’s library for AndEngine to handle Menus, external SDKs and other various common things for all my next games.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

MEMORY TEMPLE (free memory game)

  • Train your memory – Have fun with your kids !
  • Challenge yourself and beat your scores!
  • Run the Time Attack mode, find a lots of pairs, and be the first of the global leaderboard
  • Fight your friends or play against your girlfriend in the one board 2 player mode.
  • Have fun with your chidren in the Splitted screen mode
  • The more you exercise your brain, the more you train your automation! your memory will react more instinctively.
  • Game for 5-10 years old children and for their parents
  • One of the best free memory games for kids !


  • 5 game modes (including two multiplayer) :
    – 1 Classic : Simply find pairs
    – 2 All in a row : See all the board then open pairs one by one without any error !
    – 3 Time Attack : The classic mode looping : Your memory skills vs time
    – 4 Two players One board : Play turn by turn. If you find a pair, keep the toss.
    – 5 Two players Splitted Screen : Rush the match up cards ! Your friend do the same !
  • 3 difficulty levels: Easy (12 cards – 6 pairs) – Medium (20 cards – 10 pairs) – Hard (36 cards – 13 pairs)
  • A fun point system: Combo system – bonus related to time and accuracy ! Your memory is linked to your dexterity to improve your scores !
  • Social Leaderboard : Connect your friends using Google Play leaderboards. Compare your scores with all players ! Add your friends !
  • A great two player games with two multiplayer modes
  • Earn all the google play achievements !
  • An infinite gameplay! Addictive game !


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Other memory games name : Match up cards, Pair up, Concentration, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs



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