Candy Rubix MatchUp!

A little break after (without any kitkat…), I had the idea to make a sort of Rubic’s cube but in 2D. The idea was to make a brain game quite new but with auto generated levels and using the keyword Candy ahahah ! (Shame on me… 😉 )

Finally the Candy keyword was totally useless 😀 : The game was too easy during too much levels to give a challenge to the player.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


* Try to solve all candy rubix worlds with 3 stars everywhere. Hard uh ?!
* Be the first on global leaderboards !
* Contest your friends or unknown people (up to 4 players)…
* A smart mix between jewels or candy matching games and Rubick’s Cube !


Reproduce the target board in the less moves.
Slide the candies with your finger : Left ; Right ; Up ; Down !
Find the shortest way in the less time to have three stars and increase points. Be fast, be smart !
A sort of flat progressive rubik’s cube. Simple at beginning and very hard on last levels.


Play against up to 4 players !
Who is the smarter Candy Rubix Master ?


* Candy Rubix MatchUp has got more than 300 levels ! Hours of thinking, hours of playing !
* Achievements to unlock, Multiplayer, leaderboards…
* Cute graphics, fluid animations and gorgeous visual effects
* Three game mode :

TWO CANDIES : Simplest mode : Two candies for training.
THREE CANDIES : Play boards with 3 candies. Be smart.
FOUR CANDIES : Play boards with 4 different candy ! hard !

This game is a cute candy game, cute but quite hard. Beware, you’ll hate candies after ending this game !
An Ideal time waster for smart people ! Candy Rubix MatchUp will need all your brain skills !


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