My life will change… Partially

What a great news for me : in less than one week, I will officially be a part time indie game maker!


Current step : I can do it !

I made 6 little games as a hobby, and game after game, It becomes more than a passion… I negotiated with my actual job to change mi contract to a part time job. The goal was to have 2 days a week for developing stuff. Today It’s official : Just4Fun will become a independent French studio !

Precisely, I will work for Just4Fun each Monday ant Tuesday, and I will stay at my actual company for the 3 other days.

A huge thanks to my actual management to let me try this funky adventure ! An another huge thanks to my love who push me on this way.

To conclude, I will try to develop Just4Fun but I will not change it’s name as I started this adventure just for fun !

With all my love,



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