Our Games

Memory Temple

This is the first game that I published on the Play Store. Yepee \o/ To be honest that was my second project. I started working on Memory Temple when I was at 75% of War Of Wizards’ development. This project was made for two different objectives...

War Of Wizards

Once Memory Temple was published, I reworked all War Of Wizard to adapt it to use my own library. Quite a hard work, but very useful to correct bugs on my two first games at the same time. When I published it I was quite sad : It was...

Candy Rubix MatchUp!

A little break after (without any kitkat…), I had the idea to make a sort of Rubic’s cube but in 2D. The idea was to make a brain game quite new but with auto generated levels and using the keyword Candy ahahah ! (Shame on me… 😉...

A-Kart Paperboy

I discovered the fun subway surfers title by a friend. I play a lot on subway to this game. Simple concept, not a big content to make : Ok I will try to make a runner game like this title. At this time, I worked...

Nervous Pingoos – 3D Space Race

The 2D engine I used to use was more and more deprecated and it was quite impossible to build my game for something else than Android. I looked to various engine. Stay 2D ? Try 3D ? keep both possibility ? … This bring me...

Twin Runners

This is the very last game I make at this time : a fast development time based on a fresh concept. A mirrored mirror game. At this time this is my biggest success with more than 80.000 downloads.

Twin Runners 2

A very challenging game that mix dexterity and memory. From hard to impossible!

Birdie Falls

Pure scorer ! Just swipe your finger to flap and turn around the trunk.