Discovering Unity

3D is a new dimension in my gamedev experience but not in my geek’s one.

when I was young, I loved make objects or anim using some oldscool software : Imagine, 3DS4 (on windows 3.1 yes !), Lightwave and finally 3DS Max. Now, I’m going back to that passion.

And wow, it’s easier than ever ! In fact I started 3 weeks ago on my hobby time :

  • First week : blender : model, uv-maps, and low poly technics
  • Second week : unity concepts : GameObjects, animation, lightning, render,  GUI (grrrr will do without that)…
  • Third week : unity scripting : MonoBehaviour, Time.deltaTime :D, Physics, and Quaternions (Thanks god, there is gizmos !),

So after Three weeks learning, playing and scripting I’m happy to show you this first screen shot of my learning project : A sort of pod racer game.


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