ASO ?! App store optimization…

Hum okay…

I’m proud of my little game. It’s not a big deal but it’s fun and quality made I think !

But when I look upon the google play developper console I feel quite alone ! 🙂

So I start reading ASO concepts… And the case is quite good : with 20000 Memory games on the market it’s hard to be found !

Here are the common advises :

1) Keywords:
Ok simple : Put a good description with your targetted keywords. But th only one good for me I think is “Memory” or perhaps multiplayer. So it’s not easy ! I’m on the page 15 on a “Memory” search… lol

2) Naming:
Same for that. The game is known as Memory Temple. so … next ?

2) Video Trailer:
Done that today. Not as classy as others but quite good to see the game concept.

3) Ratings and Reviews:
It’s really hard to have review when nobody download your game. So wait and see. I think this is optimization  Or I should send mails to all blogs to have reviews. But I think my little game isn’t really interested to them.

4) Pricing:
Yeah that’s ok it’s free 🙂

5) Categorizing:
I Put the goodest category for this game. Not as mentioned in advises the one where competitors are not. 🙂 maybe a mistake.

Will try to understand this wold. !!!


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